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The Story behind Roc Made Goods


Grace Bellanca, Founder/Director

Roc Made Goods was founded in 2016 by a few fellow co-workers and friends, each with a different talent and a desire to shine a light on art & making in the Charlotte neighborhood. Originally named “Sip and Shop Charlotte” we mainly did it for fun, a creative outlet and a little extra cash. At a certain point within that first year, I really fell in love with our little operation and while everyone else still enjoyed our shows as a hobby, I was ready and willing to take the necessary steps in order to make this business flourish. 

I focused on honing our small seasonal shows into something special for everyone to be involved in, makers and customers alike. By providing live music, a bar, raffles, games and more, it makes our events fun for the whole family. Living in Charlotte for the past 10 years I have a desire and hunger to bring more life to our area, to provide an art scene, to give back to our community, to get people excited. By specifically only choosing Charlotte venues, we try to show that there’s more to our area than meets the eye, that there is beauty and life here and we want you to see that too. 


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Raves & Reviews

"Spectacular event EVERY time"

I am so impressed with the level of organization, thought and care put into each craft show. Roc Made Goods puts on a spectacular event EVERY time, and draws together a beautiful blend of artisans (and people)! Grateful to have been considered to take part, and to witness first hand to growth and blossoming of a beautiful organization. 

Thanks Grace for all that you bring to our community!♥

-Amanda Ashley 

Amanda Ashley Music

"You are making major strides for Charlotte lovers"

Girl you are making major strides for "the edge of the world". There are many of us Charlotte lovers who are grateful that art events are finally moving north! Keep up the good work! Yesterday was a great success and such a positive environment! 

-Tasha Lais 


"I love what you're doing, keep it up!"

I love the posts, you have really great vendors and your products are fantastic! Like I said before, I love what you're doing keep it up! You are doing a great service for both vendors and customers! 

-Tracy Zimmer 

Zimmer's Bakes

"You are a force"

I'm so happy to have met someone like you! You throw AMAZING events and make beautiful things. You are a force! Amazing inside and out. 

-Samantha McClarney 

Layered Crafts & Sweet Pea Print

"We need you and your energy"

With every single show I become more excited about being there in the future! Keep rocking friend! We need you and your energy!

-Heather Davidson 

Collaborators in the Community

Nora Coyle, Photographer


Nora has held positions with Island Photography and CL!X Studios as a graduation photographer. She also owns and operates her own business "Nora Renee Photography" when she is not taking the time to help out with ours. She specializes in landscape and nature shots but has photographed everything from newborn's to weddings to family portraits! 

Nora has received her Associates Degree in Photography and also her Bachelors in Film Productions from Empire State College.

Impact Earth Roc


Impact Earth is a change agent company helping bridge the gap into the future of more sustainable living practices and zero waste communities. 

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