Rochester, NY

Local goods Market in Rochester

Help us, help all of these amazing organizations!

National Parkinsons Foundation


For Donations please visit:

'Moving Day' Walk for Parkinson's

For Donations please visit:

For more information about Parkison's Disease and ways you can help: 

Rochester Animal Services


Adopt, Foster, Rescue, Spay & Neuter

For Donations and Shelter Wish List please visit:

Verona Street Animal Shelter

Operation Freedom Ride

Shelters, Kitchens, Aid for Rochester


For ways you can help, visit any one of these local places that are trying to make Rochester a better place for those who aren't as fortunate. Every bit counts!

To specifically help the new homeless encampment on Industrial Street please visit:

I urge you not to donate to Salvation Army or Goodwill EVER as they throw a lot of donations away even if they are in decent shape because they can't sell them.